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Knee Injuries


The knee is the largest joint in the body, and one of the most easily injured.  The most common bone fractured in the knee is the patella (kneecap).  The end of the femur (thigh bone) and the end of the tibia (shinbone) may also be fractured.

Common causes of knee fractures are trauma, such as tripping, falling from a ladder, a roof or anything of height and motor vehicle collisions.  Some fractures are obvious.  Other fractures may only be diagnosed with x-rays.  Symptoms associated with all types of fractures are pain, swelling and limited range of motion.  Complex or serious fractures may require surgery.  Less severe and simple fractures may be treated with stabilization, rest and rehabilitation.

Meniscus Tears

The meniscus consists of two pieces of cartilage that serve as shock absorbers between the femur and tibia.  The meniscus is tough and rubbery and serves as a cushion and stabilizer for the knee joint.

Meniscus tears are extremely common injuries.  Meniscal tears are frequently associated with twisting, pivoting or other sudden, unexpected and forceful movements of the knee.  Meniscal tears may also be caused by direct trauma to the knee.  Symptoms include pain, swelling, clicking, catching, popping or grinding sensations.  Treatment for meniscal tears varies depending on the severity and number of tears.  Treatment options range from immobilization and rest to injections and surgery. Our peer and Texas Construction Injury Lawyer Robert Lovein always says to rest personal injuries or job related injuries rather than trying to go back to work too soon.

Ligament Tears

There are several important ligaments that are a part of the knee joint including the ACL, PCL, and MCL.  Ligaments are the knee’s stabilizers.  Ligament injuries are often accompanied by meniscus tears or articular cartilage injuries.

Ligament injuries are caused when strong external forces cause the knee joint to move unnaturally or awkwardly.  Symptoms include severe pain, significant swelling, and knee instability.  Treatment frequently requires surgery to repair or reattach the ligament and restabilize the knee.

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