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If you were injured at work, you need an experienced attorney you can trust.  The Law Office of John Hedrick uses over 2 decades’ experience to develop the plan to resolve your case with the best outcome possible.

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Natasha Terry
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It was a pleasure working with John and his staff. My experience was trying and very emotional to deal with. John always was on top of things and made it all better!! Highly recommend this law firm for any worker's compensation case.
David Stallings
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A big shout out to John and Jordanna. John and his staff were always very attentive and helpful with every aspect related to my workers comp. case. Thanks for everything ! If you need assistance with your case I would definitely recommend the Law office of John A. Hedrick. Thanks John and Jordanna for everything!!
Michael David
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Mr Hedrick and his team did a wonderful job for me and my family.they have genuine concern about my wellbeing and when times were hard they were there for me and my family I thank you for all that you have done and are doing
Elizabeth Bischoff
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John Hedrick is a really great attorney, always having his clients best interests in mind and fighting the good fight to see that his clients are treated fairly by the system and unscrupulous employers. John is truly one of the good guys!

Experienced specialist John Hedrick

Have you suffered a workplace injury?

The Law Office of John A. Hedrick, PLLC reminds you that North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law is a very complex area of law. Workers injured on the job face complex regulations as well as employers and insurance companies working against them. Injured employees frequently have trouble obtaining medical treatment and suffer a loss of income. Employers and their insurance companies are often unsympathetic and unresponsive. For the injured employee, it may seem that no one is on their side.

John A. Hedrick

Attorney John A. Hedrick has focused his legal career exclusively on North Carolina workers’ compensation law since 1994. From 1994 to 2000, Mr. Hedrick served as a Deputy Commissioner of the North Carolina Industrial Commission (like a judge for workers’ compensation cases). In 2000, Mr. Hedrick began representing injured employees in Raleigh and throughout the state of North Carolina.

The North Carolina State Bar certified Attorney John A. Hedrick as a Specialist in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law in 2003. He was recertified in 2008, 2013 and 2018.  In 2002, John A. Hedrick received an AV, Preeminent Rating, the highest peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell.

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John A. Hedrick believes in giving all of his North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law clients the personalized attention they deserve. His specialized practice in Raleigh allows him to focus on one area of law, spend time with his clients, explain their rights and develop a strategic approach to their specific case.

Attorney John A. Hedrick places great importance on communicating with his clients, keeping them informed of the status of their cases and being available to answer questions and solve problems as quickly as they arise.  Selecting the workman’s compensation lawyer to represent you is a very important decision. The qualities most people seek in a lawyer are knowledge, experience, expertise and high ethical standards. John A. Hedrick possesses all of these qualities.

We represent NC Workers’ Compensation Law clients in Raleigh and throughout North Carolina. Please contact the Law Office of John A. Hedrick, PLLC to schedule a free, face-to-face consultation to learn how we can assist you.

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Hundreds of thousands of hard working employees call Raleigh, NC home. If you are injured in the workplace, it is imperative that you receive the compensation you deserve. That is where a workers compensation lawyer in Raleigh, NC can help you. Raleigh, NC workers compensation lawyers such as the Law Office of John A. Hedrick PLLC will work alongside you to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your workplace injury. Whether you have suffered a debilitating back injury or an extreme injury that caused you to miss out on work, our specialized workers compensation law practice makes sure that you and your family are protected from expenses and lost wages. 

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